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Barbie Lez – Lexi Lust – Sexxi Lexxi
Three friends. Three authors. One passion.

It started with a young woman’s odd passion. While other girls were out partying, she locked herself in her room and wrote kinky tales of Sapphic love and bestial lust. For years, her love of erotica remained a secret. But then she read an article that changed her entire life. Using the pen name Barbie Lez, she published a few of her kinky tales. Within 24h, she had sold 7 copies. That was all it took.

Somewhat embarrassed by the perversity of her stories, Barbie kept her love of erotica a secret. She told people she was a writer but always managed to keep her friends and family from reading her sexy tales.

It took almost two years before her two best friends finally persuaded her to reveal the true nature of her work. To Barbie’s utter amazement, they were not repulsed by the perversity of her imagination. In fact, one of them revealed a matching passion for bestiality. The other was more conservative but nonetheless kept an open mind.

Reading a few of Barbie’s stories was all it took. The two friends wanted in. In less than a week, they had each written their first few stories. Coached by Barbie, they picked their pen names and joined the ever-expanding ranks of self-published authors. Lexi Lust went wild and gave in to her love of bestiality. Sexxi Lexxi chose a less direct path, choosing instead to focus on heterosexual erotica.

And that’s how Triple Erotica was born.

Three friends. Three authors. One passion.

UPDATE: Due to a recent update regarding the erotic themes accepted by major retailers, Triple Erotica has ceased publishing. All previously-released titles are still available for purchase at Smashwords, though a select few are also available at other major retailers. Simply perform a search for the author name or story/series title at your favourite retailer to see if our kinky tales are available there. Please note that Smashwords offers a wide variety of formats including epub, mobi (Kindle), and PDF.