I wrote this book hoping to transition away from one-shot stories, but the poor sales convinced me to focus instead on short stories and series. Nonetheless, I worked long and hard to write this book, so I decided to price it to match my short stories—even if it’s eighteen times longer than my average story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it..


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18: A Tale of Lesbianism, Bestiality & Incest18: A Tale of Lesbianism, Bestiality & Incest
Length: 128 000 words

Barbie Lez was proud of her virginity. But then she turned eighteen and discovered a previously dormant nymphomania. Overwhelmed with arousal, she embarked on an insane sexual adventure that led her to bed an assortment of horny women and studly animals. Ranging from cops, ex-porn stars and family members to dogs, stallions and tigers, each encounter was more perverse than the last.

Filled with lesbianism, bestiality, incest, BDSM, fisting, public sex, blackmail, bang bangs and anal sex, this book is ideal for anyone with a filthy mind. Or just a curious one.