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Fuckin' QuickieFuckin’ Quickie
Author: Barbie Lez
Follow Barbie Lez—an 18-year-old lesbian virgin—as she meets a hot brunette in the waiting room at her gynecologist’s office. After their respective exams, the two find themselves alone in the elevator. Can Barbie resist her lesbian urges? And, if not, will they be done before they reach ground level?


Bestiality TherapyBestiality Therapy
Author: Lexi Lust
Bestiality Therapy is a carnal tale of bestial seduction. Following a painful breakup with her now ex-boyfriend, a young woman turns to her stepmother for support. Upon learning of her stepdaughter’s crippling fear of intimacy, the beautiful psychotherapist offers to cure her of her phobia. But is the young virgin willing to have sex with a dog just so she can have a normal sex life?


Sex Sea PiratesSex Sea Pirates
Author: Sexxi Lexxi
Sex Sea Pirates is a carnal tale of violence and sex. 1669. Piracy is at an all-time high. Lola—daughter of Governor Liam Beckett the Third—is forced to marry a man three times her age. During her long voyage across the Sex Sea, the beautiful eighteen-year-old’s ship is attacked by a band of ruthless pirates. Taken prisoner, she soon discovers violence is not the only thing pirates are good at.


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