Lexi LustLexi Lust
I discovered a love of writing at a very young age. Though I am now too old to recall that period of my life, I remain convinced the overpowering need to write I now feel each and every day came to be the moment I picked up my first pen. As the years passed, my passion grew and I tried my hand at a variety of different styles, but it was not until a friend of mine introduced me to erotica that I truly felt like I belonged. Yet there was still something missing. It was not until I incorporated my love of animals into my storytelling that everything fell into place. I don’t know where this new-found passion will lead me, but I know I will enjoy every second of it. I hope you do too.

UPDATE: A recent update regarding the erotic themes accepted by major retailers has made it very difficult for me to continue writing erotica. As such, I will no longer be publishing new stories. Don’t worry, though. All previously-released titles are still available for purchase at Smashwords, though a select few are also available at other major retailers. Simply perform a search for my name or a story/series title at your favourite retailer to see if my kinky tales are available there. Please note that Smashwords offers a wide variety of formats including epubmobi (Kindle), and PDF.