Sexxi LexxiSexxi Lexxi
I never pictured myself writing erotica, yet here I am, writing my biography. Up until quite recently, I was content keeping my vivid imagination buried deep within me. That all changed the day I decided to join the twenty-first century and bought an e-reader. Shortly after, I uncovered a deep-rooted love of erotica. Unfortunately, almost every single erotic novel I read left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Why do most authors think it’s all right to ignore the laws of good storytelling when sex is involved? I asked myself. When no answer came to mind, I was left with a choice: Keep on sifting through the mountain of refuse that is erotica as we know it in search of those few hidden pearls or give up on it altogether. I was about to pick the latter when my friend introduced me to the joys of writing erotica. I instantly fell in love. I just hope my tantalizing tales of seduction can transform me into the author I only recently discovered I wanted to be.

UPDATE: Due to a lack of sales, I have decided to pursue other ventures. I will remain a member of the Triple Erotica team and continue to publish one new story every month. However, no new books or series will be released.